Vantage Exports - cool trick!

Just ran across a neat little "feature" in Vantage ;)

For some time, I've though it would be nice to allow users to run data
exports, without giving them full access to poke around in the Export
Utility. Today I run one, and it crashed; annoying at first - but then I
found it left behind a chunk of Progress .P code in the Vntgwork
directory. I tried it a couple more times, and if you're quick enough, you
can grab a copy of the temporary code file it generates while the export is
still running!

The output filename and query are hard coded in there, but that's actually
good for allowing fool proof export runs. You can stick a menu item
straight to the .P file for even the most inept users to run it. Hopefully
I can figure out how modify it to prompt for parameters, or just write such
a thing from scratch. But until then, it's a nice little hack.

-Wayne Cox