VB Form Question

Hi Todd,

Don't forget a period at the end of your RUNPROG line. Should look like

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I could spend all day on this or "ask the experts". It is probably
something really dumb I am missing.

I have a VB Form for JobMtl to calculate material requirement. My Progress
routine is very similar to Sample.p in VBP folder. I activate this from a
Calculate button on the form with the following commands:

RUNPROG JCALC.r * I tried .p also - .r version created by compile
SET MaterialCalc.scrvalue = {jobmtl.number05}

The "guts" of JCALC.p routine are:

MCalc = getDecimalValue("JobMtl.length.SCRVALUE") *
getDecimalValue("JobMtl.thick.SCRVALUE") *
getDecimalValue("JobMtl.width.SCRVALUE") *


When I try to run by pressing "Calculate" button on form it displays the
error :
"Can not understand line 1"
Would this error be coming from the .p routine or from the VB Form commands
for the button?

Anyone see anything obviously wrong here? I attended the Intermediate VB
Lab at Perspectives and came back thinkng I was finally going to get this
working. This should be very straight forward but the "screens" on the
session notes CD are not the same as in the class so I am missing critical

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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