Vista PO Requisition Best Practices

We are trying to start using PO requisitions in Vista. I’m able to enter a requisition and dispatch it via a requisition action which I created for Send to Purchasing.

Once dispatched, the requisition says pending. However I can not find where to approve the requisition or what happened next.

Can somebody please let me know the best practices in setting up PO requisitions and how it all works?


Checkout this video. Its for E19, but the basic flow is the same

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Circling back to this, when I am creating a Requisition Action I click on Authorized Users and all my users are grayed out so I can’t add them to the action.

Any idea why this would be? I have full admin rights.

We’re in E10 but perhaps Vista has this too… in user security is there a checkbox for Allow Requisitions and do your users have this checked?


There’s an Allow Requisition checkbox in User Security

(Whoops … Scooped by Nancy!)

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Thanks @ckrusen and @Nancy_Hoyt. Once we have a action with “Send to Purchasing” selected and the requisition is dispatched to this action the requisition should now show up in New PO Suggestions correct?

This is where we are having issues…nothing is showing there. Even after doing Generate Suggestions.

We don’t use Purchase Req’s, so I can’t give you much more than what the video shows.

Hi Mark,

Yes, it will become a new PO suggestion. I don’t think generate suggestions even needs to be run. I had to make a bpm warning when people the go to delete suggestions made from Reqs because once deleted, they don’t come back ever… generate suggestions run or not!

Ensure that you are the correct buyer for the req or that you are in the correct plant for viewing suggestions or that you are an authorized buyer for whomever the req PO suggestion would go to. These are typical reasons we see for why someone might not see the Requisition PO suggestion.


How do you know if you’re the correct buyer for the req?

We don’t use PO Suggestions at all right now so we’re not sure how it works in terms of what buyers get what suggestions.

I think that Gen Suggestions is required, else I don’t think it would show up in the New Po Suggestions screen

Hi Mark,

It can be buyer setup on part class, buyer setup on part plant, and then there might be some other spots… can’t think of any at moment. Also, to see all Purchasing suggestions regardless of buyer, do a BAQ on SugPODtl. That’ll tell the whole story. I’m sorry I didn’t think of that earlier!


I stand corrected. Don’t need to run Suggestions.

But whe searching for it in New PO Sugg entry, you have to use the binoculars (1), then change the sort by to Requisition (2)

Ah! We’re making progress now. I see purchase suggestions by using the binoculars, however my requisition is not showing up :frowning:

What shows as the status in the Purch Req Entry?


and is the Action above the status, the one that submits it to purchasing?


FTR - Everything I’m showing is in E10.1.400. V8 may be different

Yes, the Current Action on the Req is the one that has Send to Purchasing checked and the status is showing as Pending.

Did you select the Requisitions checkbox when searching for the request in Purchase suggestions?

The sort by requisition drop down you showed in a previous message? I don’t see that in Vista. This is what I see after I hit the binoculars:


Perhaps V8 requires running the Generate Suggestions.

Tried that too…it generated suggestions just no Reqs came through.