VLC Update for Yahoo Group

There was an EUG-Vantage Leadership Council (VLC) phone conference call today. Because the subjects discussed are of interest to the Yahoo Group members and because I sort of straddle the divide I would like to relay some of the info. All of this is completely unofficial and just what I happened to jot notes about and filtered through my personal attention span.

1. Conversion issues for 6.10 to 8.03.4xx were discussed. Specifically mentioned was making tools that are available to Epicor consultants available to users directly. More specifically tools for porting security and menu settings from test database into the converted database as well as similar porting for Report Data Definitions. The primary reason for these ports being not having to tediously re-enter a lot of information into the new live DB.

2. The issue of service call issues being fixed or not and premature call closing was discussed. Apparently the Help Desk sees a different view of similar calls attached to one change request. Then the change request is addresses in a service pack this closes the change request and everyone with calls attached to that change request is notified that the request has been closed. There was acknowledgement that the verbiage of the email notification leaves the impression that the "call" is being closed which is not the case. Support should call to check on the status of the call in light of the change request being closed and users can request that the "call" remain open pending their testing of the service pack fix. Support will not call as often to check the status. So if you think the call is being closed but the problem has not been addressed or fixed leave the call open until you are satisfied.

3. There was discussion about the magnitude of Epicor 9 as it related to previous upgrades. It was stated that Vantage 8.03 to 8.03.4xx is a bigger upgrade than from Vantage 8.03.4xx to Epicor 9. It was agreed by Epicor personnel that Vantage 6.10 to Epicor 9 is a valid choice for some sites depending on what their needs are. Specifically the financial system changes in Epicor 9 may warrant that leap in order to obtain chart of account features found only in Epicor 9 via a "re-implement" strategy rather than conversion.

4. Epicor 9 is live internally at Epicor for some functions (call tracking? etc..). It is also in live use for one customer. Two more sites are scheduled to go live this coming long Thanksgiving weekend and another by 12/6 plus one more at year-end. The goal was at least three sites live by GA so the GA date is now December 8 based on the two additional sites this weekend and one on 12/6.

5. Everyone was fairly pleased about Perspectives. No word yet on next location or Perspectives Survey voting .

That's it for VLC this month.

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