Voided Sales Order Lines not printing on Sales Order Ack

We would like to print all of the lines on a sales order.

It looks like if you Void a sales order line, that line does not print on the SalesOrderAck.

Has anyone tackled this before?

I see that the ProForma includes Voided lines.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The filtering is probably being done by Epicor in the report dll - so not user maintainable. I guess you could create a new report style, and create another version of the RDL and populate it with a BAQ so that you include all lines.

I created a BPM that turns off the orderdtl.voided checkbox.

Now all the lines print. Since the releases are all voided as well - I know which lines were voided.

Dave Olender

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That might work for closed lines as well.

We often have to update an Order, after some of it has already shipped. When we print to updated order, those shipped lines don’t show.