Vote for an idea! KNTC-I-1918 Is my proposal for a product development quality assurance module for fast-moving small companies

I’d also be glad if this idea helps anyone else, or if there’s an easier way to do it. Credit goes to a colleague of mine but I don’t know if he has a username on here, I’ll find out.

We have 70 different part setup scenarios, for example, “Standard Shelf Tray” which really means “manufactured kanban receipt sub-assembly made-to-order containing 3 manufactured parts”. Each scenario is unique, and in our case we do thousands of jobs per day, each job taking only 3-10 minutes. With 27000 parts, each using one of 70 scenarios, we manage Engineering by have template parts to copy; but Engineers can select the wrong template. Further - and worse - some individuals have the authority to change scenarios, for example, “we’re going to make this part only at Plant A and transfer it to Plant B” and making those changes with such a variety of parts is very error-prone.

We are building, and Epicor could too, a system where a scenario name in a UD field is contained in each template and applied to the PartPlant record. A matching BAQ is created to contain the definition of the criteria for that scenario and expose anything named accordingly. A UBAQ pulls up the list of such BAQs based on a common prefix, and the UBAQ.GetList method runs a post-processing directive that calls each BAQ using dynamic query and if it contains results, emails an alert to whom it may concern. A BAQ report with the Generate Report widget in its breaking/routing definition is applied to a weekly system agent task to automate all of the above

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