Warning! PO release for “Other” ignores Part GL code

Well this was a swift kick in the pants today. It’s fully documented, but wow I did not expect this at all. Ready?

So, general rule in any kind of transaction is:

  1. If there is a GL on the Part, use that first
  2. Otherwise look for a GL on the Part Class
  3. Then look other places

All normal so far, right? OK great.

I have a part (920457) that

  • Is non-quantity-bearing
  • Has a GL control on the Part itself
  • Has a GL control on the Part Class also

Here is what actually happens with these transactions:

:white_check_mark: Ship 920457 to a customer (UKN-CUS): Part GL if any, then Class GL
:white_check_mark: Issue 920457 to a job (STK-MTL): Part GL if any, then Class GL
:bulb: (There is no UKN-MTL, by the way; STK-MTL is used even for non-QB)
:x: Buy 920457 on a PO (PUR-UKN): Ignore Part GL and start with Part Class

Well isn’t that something else. We are buying this part into a different accounting bucket than we are issuing it from. #LearnedThatTheHardWay

(FYI, PUR-STK looks at Part GL, then Part Class. :man_facepalming:)

I guess I’ll report this (@hkeric.wci would want me to have that fun with support), but like I said, it’s totally documented as being this way, so it’s as designed, of course.

I try to avoid this word, but this is just flat-out stupid. Really.

Here are the docs (Expand it):


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Good Luck :partying_face:


I agree, that this really is not an enhancement, but instead a consistency issue. However, I believe it would be possible to change your posting rules to get the part first.

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