Way to update Part Specific UOM Conversion value?

we have a part that someone put divide instead of multiply on the Part Specific UOM conversion value.
The part has had a transaction so it is now greyed out.

Is there another way to update a Part specific UOM conversion value on a part once its had a transaction against it?
I think I could change the UOM Class on the part and that might work but i want to avoid that if possible.

There are two ways to do this. Warning if there are more than a transaction this can cause issues. I have done this with just a cost adjustment in parttran, but will refuse if they have received material and gone thru inspection.

method 1. UBAQ to unset has been used. Changing part UOM Conversion Factor - #14 by Jonathan

method 2 Which is also linked to in the above thread. Expose the override checkbox.