Web based order entry

I’m looking for some suggestions and input for how to go about setting up a web based order entry site for our customers. Our warehousing business is 3PL with the basic Epicor WMS module and certain customers need a login to view their inventory and be able to place orders for their products. We currently use a heavily customized/locked down order entry form through terminal services, but need something a little more polished and accessible. I feel like ECC doesn’t fit this mold but I could be wrong. Is anyone running a similar setup that could give us input or seen a similar setup?


I would think some sort of basic site utilizing the rest api would be fine but maybe I’m not understanding

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I’m with @Aaron_Moreng, make whatever fancy web interface you want and just wire it up with the REST api.

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I would use a hosted service that can make REST calls back to your app server. You can roll your own with Kinetic or use a hosted solution like Bezlio or Retool. I am partial to Bezlio because they were an Epicor consulting company before launching their Ohio based startup.

Lastly, there is a company called OutSystems from Portugal that just got a $360M funding round with KKR as an investor. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Epicor launch an integration similar to what they did with Jitterbit (another KKR company).


Thanks for the input. We are currently on 10.0.700.4 though. We cannot get support for DocLink and do not have the budget for DocStar currently so we are kind of stuck for the time being without API. We would probably have to integrate in another way.

Thanks for all the examples John

I never did get to finishing this doc though parts of it moved on to other areas not all released. It will give a very quick overview. REST is the forward direction for direction integration but other options have existed before and will still be there.

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