What does Is Live Checkbox in Company Maintenance do?

I recently discovered the “Is Live” checkbox in Company Maintenance. It’s unchecked for both my test and my live environments. Does anyone know what this does? Running Epicor 10.2.600.5.

Correction – That Checkbox isn’t used for BPMs or customizations. The ‘Is Production’ flag set in the EAC is. You can use it in BPMs and customizations for things like routing email to internal addresses in TEST/Dev. Lots of use cases for it.

Example: "Set as Production" for AppServer - what impact?

There is a built-in condition for it. Looks like this. You can toggle between production and non-production.

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Ahh! Perfect! Thank you!

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So on it’s own it doesn’t do anything?

This checkbox actually doesn’t affect BPM’s which I found out the hard way when my BPM’s were not firing in production after setting that to true and adding that new condition. Please see this thread for the setting that does affect BPM’s and custom code

Good catch. It’s the EAC ‘Is Production’ flag.

I believe I’ve seen this used where you might not want certain things happening in testing like sending out a bunch of email notifications to customers or internal folks.


I’ve added the Production Flag idea to the Epicor Ideas so that it becomes part of the callContextClient dataset. This way it would be available for SSRS breaking, UI customizations, as well as BPM calls. It would save us a lot of work when creating a sandbox/test environment to make sure reports don’t fire off to customers or muddy up Docstar.