What does this Icon mean on a Job Operation?

Seeing this red triangle against job operations:

It seems to mean there is some kind of capacity constraint against the operation, but I cannot find a more specific explanation.

For any jobs that have the red triangle, when users try to clock onto the operation, the ‘Resource Group’ is not auto-filled.

What I am finding is that after Global Scheduling runs overnight, we see a few job operations with this indicator. However, if I then schedule the job manually, no capacity errors come up and the job schedules fine. The red triangle then disappears.

What is the behaviour behind this icon? How is it triggered?

Thanks for any help.

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This is just a wag, but it appears that the old red dot is now the red triangle. Below is from managing the tree view in help from 2024.1 which still references the dot.


I have an operation marked like that and it has a related material. That material is apparently the issue for me. But nothing in the help makes that clear. Then all operations on that team after that without related materials are also marked. :person_shrugging:

Here is an old thread where the icon properties are discussed.

I did a query for showiconstatus in JobMtl for the above job and they are all blank.


Thanks for the info @gpayne. Your findings seem to indicate the icon isn’t just related to capacity…

However, there are no related materials linked to the affected operations I’ve been reviewing.

We do use capabilities, so I thought perhaps the icon meant that a ‘capable’ resource was not available. Having then checked the resources, they all have available capacity on their calendars :thinking:

You could out a post processing bpm with a message box like in the other thread to display what is in the showstatusicon field to get a better idea of what Epicor thinking.