What in the world is going on here?! (Db.CustNum mismatch vs BAQ & everything else)

Ok, very strange behavior.

I have this function that has some code retrieves a customer row from Db.Customer

Customer customer = Db.Customer.Where(x => x.CustNum == 12).FirstOrDefault();

This returns:

customer.CustNum -> 12
customer.CustID -> "hansen"
customer.Name -> "hansen"

Only problem is… there is nothing in that table with “hansen” in it.

A BAQ, and Customer Form etc, returns:

customer.CustNum -> 12
customer.CustID -> "RealCustomerID"
customer.Name -> "RealCustomerName"

So… what in the Sam Hill is going on here ?!

they filter by company and you don’t

I only have one company

what if some hidden one there :slight_smile:

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Sure enough. I told y’all she’s always right.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, I can’t get a BAQ to show those others.

I tried

Company ISNULL
Not Company = “MyCompanyID”

Any tips ?

External BAQ

I’ll just cheat and UBAQ it.

I thought ExtBAQ are available in the cloud

Not to my knowledge.

In new UI of course

Oh and thanks @olga. You saved my bacon, this project goes live Sunday and I found this strange bug that was gonna kill it.

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Don’t see it, maybe it’s something new and I need to purchase? :thinking:

Do you see this:


You need to be member of the External BAQ Designer group.

In that group, but it’s greyed out and won’t let me select or make external baqs.

I’m pretty sure it’s not available, because I can’t even set up an external datasource.
There is a hidden bpm on that from cloud services that stops it from working.

yes, it should be it then. :woman_shrugging:

Here you go.

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Here is what else was in there. Are these some kind of test data?
I can’t see how they would get in there.

Company CustNum CustID Name
000000 1 ADDISON Addison, Inc.
000000 2 AMCON American Consolidated
000000 3 BOEING Boeing Aircraft
000000 4 CAT Caterpillar Engine Group
000000 5 DALTON Dalton Manufacturing
000000 6 FORD Ford Motor Company
000000 7 IBM International Business Machines
000000 8 DEERE John Deere
000000 9 VQA Vancouver Quality Assembly
000000 10 BARENG Barriston Engineering
000000 11 JRCcust1 JRC customer 1
000000 12 hansen hansen
000000 13 GLBM Global Car Company
000000 14 test testcreditholdremoval
000000 21 BFgood BF Gooding, LLC

Right out of the Epicor Education Database.

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