What is so great about Epicor ERP?

Why would a company choose to use Epicor ERP over any other leading erp solutions?


I’m sure everyone has their own reason, but our decision was based primarily on the extensability and integration ability inherent, which improves and grows with each release (i.e. REST), in the framework without A) contracting a VAR or B) having to work through the software vendor


When I was a customer, we had many ERP products in front of us. Each had their minor pluses and minuses. When it came down to it, the reason we chose Epicor (10 years ago) was the ability to make the modifications needed to support our business, even into the future. Today those tools have only gotten better (in my opinion, they are the best for this market range).
You will find it easy to look at price being a leading factor, but beware! You want a package that is well supported by the vendor as well as out side (like this community or partners/VARs). That isn’t to say that Epicor isn’t competitive in price, only that you will see much higher costs after the initial purchase if you try to “save” up front.


what he said, add to that you have 3 tiers in the marketplace and ROI does matter. Epicor is king in the configurable space for its price point in most cases.

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If you can survive with an off-the-shelf solution and aren’t integrating anything and you don’t track much, there are better options for your money. Most of the time though, people THINK they are off-the-shelf, but they are no where near…

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As a side note: ???

You could run 9 on Linux Progress @Jason_Woods and there are apple apps. (for 9)
But all the kinetic stuff will be compatible.

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I will just add to the previous posts… The community of users within this blog is a great plus!!!



Ah. I suppose I was expecting this to be up to date on its “platforms”.


Thanks for all of the replies. Appreciate the input. :blush:

@hasokeric pointed me to the blog. He is an Epicor wizard I work with.

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And he didn’t sing its praises to you?!? @hasokeric is a great guy and would not steer you wrong.


Oh he for sure did. I asked him why learn Epicor when I can just continue my career as a Full Stack Web Developer. He came up with some good reasons, just love to hear what everyone else said

Epicor has great flexibility, it is built on an Service Oriented Architecture which allows you to modify and customize it to your hearts content while still maintaining a very strong core.

The price compared to other solutions is very competitive and what you get is leaps and bounds (at least from a techs stack) compared to some of the competition.

The software is VERY MUCH alive, a lot of other ERP Systems are the same over and over again with small incremental updates that do not amount to much. Epicor is constantly evolving and adapting to changes in the market and technology.

They have an amazing talented team and they allow that team to interact directly with us (the users) on a daily basis. Good luck talking to the Architect at Oracle, or the VP of Development at SAP on an open forum.

Meet @Bart_Elia (Epicor Architect)
@Edge Epicor VP of Development/Engineering
@Olga (Epicor Developer Extraordinaire and magician)
@Rich ( Ice Tools Magician/ I don’t know his title but he is awesome too)
@aidacra (Principal Support Specialist)
@bconner (Product Owner of REST/EDD)
@Epic_Santiago ( ERP 10 Server Architect )
@JeffLeBert (King of Reports, SSRS, Task Agent and other things)
and many many more, with the above list alone Epicor is head and shoulders above the competition.

They are all here, listening and lurking as I call it, they interact with us, they listen to us and they help us when we need it.


Its getting crowded here in Michigan with Epicor resources… the less resources the more for me. Brad don’t listen to Jose and Jason. :slight_smile: AS400 IBM is the way to go.


I like that its pure Microsoft .NET Stack… It doesn’t have its proprietery database engine like SAP etc… It couldnt be more simpler, the server is just an IIS Application and so are all of its extensions. .NET, Entity Framework, MS SQL …

Companies can hire pretty much talent in the 20s, because its .NET, TypeScript, Angular, C#, EF…

Also have you seen the column naming convention of AS400 and some like PartNum is P293.


WOW! Now that’s what I like to see. What an introduction. I can’t wait to catch up and learn what i’ve missed and prepare for what is to come :smiley:

I haven’t delved enough into AS400 to notice. Maybe i’m lucky :rofl:

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I just converted an AS400 company last year to Epicor. They are loving it!


Is that why someone with my background was hired? Maybe to test the idea that a .NET Full Stack Dev can be pulled off the street, learn and adapt to Epicor?