What is the story behind the Printing outage - 24 hours now

Any buzz about what the problem is with the printing for SaaS customers?

Started 4:00pm Sept 22, 2021

As of 8:30 Sept 23, 2021 it is still not corrected.

This is a MAJOR outage for customers - if we cannot print we are almost out if business. i.e. no pack slips, purchase orders, quotes, Invoices etc.

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For real? I am looking at the times, what region are you in?

I’m in Louisiana.
I’m sitting here recreating a so pick list in a dashboard so we can get stuff out the door.

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Were having to do the same with Job Travelers right now.

We’re in Michigan and are experiencing the same thing.

For a few hours last night we were unable to log in at all. Just in case anyone else is still having login issues, I had found that if I switched my config to use the Classic home screen I was at least able to log in and do everything but print.

Is preview not working or any routing? Or is it strictly going to the printing devices that isn’t working?

Login is messed up and

SSRS is down.
No previews or printing.

In the instance I’ve been working in, after you click “print” in any of the print dialog boxes nothing happens. The print dialog says “submitted” but as of this morning the System Monitor does not show any activity.

Last night it showed an error of “server not found”.

We are in Ohio and creating dashboards and using our old label software to get through this issue.

Our Production Public Cloud db is down on SSRS preview/print also. Although not ideal, if any of you are on public cloud in US, you might try your Pilot instance which should have just been refreshed around 9/15 or 9/16 to prepare for the testing phase of the new Kinetic version. I tried print previewing over there this morning and it worked. We are considering this as a possible option to get parts shipped if this doesn’t get resolved this morning.

We are back up and running. I’d love to see a postmortem on this, i.e. what happened, and what changes will be made to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Going on 19 hours down in WI. The whole system monitor shut down at around 10PM CT on 9/21/2021 for us. I see a backlog of scheduled items including both reports and processes in the system monitor. We asked EpicCare to recycle the App Pool and they indicated that it was part of the outage. So for us, not only are we not able to communicate items to our customers via forms like Quotes, Order Acknowledgments, Pack Slips, Invoices, etc. but we aren’t even able to run processes like MRP and Generate suggestions to allow internal employees to tackle their daily workload.

Printing issues appear to be resolved for us as well. Nothing official from Epicor to confirm this so YMMV.

Unfortunately not for us yet.

I submitted an EpicCare case last night, and almost immediately was sent a comment that they knew about the issue and were working on it. They also sent this link:

This status page has been updated at least every hour.

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I may have spoken too soon, I was just able to print some SSRS reports.
Hopefully we are on the mend and can get an explanation on root cause soon.

I was following the status updates and found that reports are working for us around 9 AM CDT. Things seem to be chugging along normally for us now, although our overnight MRP process got cancelled (presumably due to efforts to fix things by Epicor). Very long outage though.

I still have yet to receive a response to the ticket I submitted yesterday. The only official notice of an issue came from the status updates page.

And…we’re down again. :frowning: