What .Net Framework do you compile your Dlls in?

Hello All,

We have a custom .dll that we are referencing from a form and we were wondering what version of .Net Framework we should use for the compilation of the .dll itself from within visual studio. Does anyone know if we need to use the same .Net framework that Epicor itself is using or can we use lower, higher…?

Any ideas or support is much appreciated.



You can never go higher than the running application, however .NET is backwards compatible so you can go as far back as you’d like.

Hello Jose,

How do we know what .NET Framework our Epicor version is on?

We have 10.1.500.12.

According to the manifest
[assembly: TargetFramework(".NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1", FrameworkDisplayName=".NET Framework 4.6.1")]

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Thank you, where can we get to the manifest?


Hehe… JK you can use reflector for that.

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I use ILSpy and open the epicor.exe


In addition if you try to compile it under a lower version while referencing Epicor’s DLLs with a higher .NET Version your Visual Studio should throw a bunch of Warnings.

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Thanks everyone. I will also post what Epicor said about version 10.1.

“All 10.1 versions should be [installed with] .NET 4.6.1.”