What useful customizations have you done with MES?

Color me surprised. my Google Fu is weaker than I thought as all i ran into was C# customization for 10.2.100.
Is the documentation in the Application user guide or one of the Technical references?

Application guide for customization explains what @bsiller posted. You can find it on EpicWeb

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We did a customisation, where when the user scanned the job number, it popped up the job details and gave them a configurable amount of time to make changes, or the job quantity was booked through.

This effectively gave them one-scan labour booking. They were not interested in the labour time due to the production process.

this looks a great custom screen, i have been struggling to get my code correct for something like this.

This customization has been a huge improvement for us as we use avg costing, which has stopped the majority of variances. The one place that it doesn’t work well with is employees completing partial qtys.

If you need any assistance, I’m happy to help out.