What's new in Epicor ERP 10.2.300 - Epicor User Group presentation

I was asked to attend a few EUG’s over the last few months to discuss what’s new in 10.2.300 that I find interesting–attached is what I presented. I also discuss some best practices and those that frequent this site may recognize some/most of them :slight_smile:

What’s new in 10.2.300.pdf (2.8 MB)

Some highlights:
Generate for design. It is my favorite new feature in 10.2.300.

the new unsupported / undocumented BO for RDD / RDL optimization (Ice.Contracts.Lib.SsrsReportAnalyzer.dll)

And the new and improved application help; the search is vastly improved and we now host it in Azure (along with Embedded Education) for those that don’t want to deploy it on-premise.



Thanks Nathan!!!

Love the E10Help Slide! LoL Thanks @aidacra this is great stuff!

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This is awesome, thanks @aidacra

Thanks Nathan! Where can we find the documentation for the CLI?

In the Application Help also in EpicWeb there is Tech Ref Command Line

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Jose is exactly right; the “system of record” for any info we want to present to our customers is in the built in application help. And in 10.2.300, if you try to search for it, you’ll find it! #itisthesimplethings

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