Where to Download Vantage 8.00.808/Crystal Runtime XI R2

I am trying to Download Vantage 8.00.808/Crystal Runtime XI R2.

I found this link
in this

but I simply cannot get it to work .

It’s available in EpicWeb

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I’m not sure if that Runtime has separate 32 and 64 bit versions. But the one for 8.03, the bit depth needs to match the application, not the OS.

In other words, we had to install the 32 bit version on our 64 bit OS clients.

The situation I am in, is that I have No-Disks, No-Username, and No-Password.
The person handling Vantage here, has left the company and cannot be contacted.
Great situation to be in!

I would say the 32 bit version is the correct one to have myself.

I found this on the Internet

I think I have to give it a try !

Call Epicor Mike theylll give you an account and such you just need to provide some info to them.

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