Who close my orders?

Does anyone know if there´s a way to know who is closing sales orders?

Thanks team!

Do you have the change log turned on?

On the user account?

No. On the order header table.

You have to turn it on by table if not on already.

System Management > Business Process Management > Data Directives Maintenance

Search for “enable change log” in the Application Help


We track that too in the with a Change log.

Even if change log is not turned on the ordered table has two fields chnageddate and chnagedby visible - the latter I visible on the order header screen - these should tell you who last changed the sales order - assumption being last change was it being closed.

ALSO… orders will automatically close when all the line items/releases are completely shipped. So, it may not be “someone” but just a regular base process of shipping/invoicing the order.

If change log was turned on, would any entry be created if the order was closed via a packer? If so would the user that issued the packer be listed as the user on the log? Or would it indicate that the system did it.

Fields I mentioned will show the last user to update the order - if this is the order being automatically shut down by the shipping process, it will show the user name of the person who created the shipping note.

Same applies if DMT was being used to update the order - the changedby field will be the user name used to launch DMT.