Why don't raw material items show up on PO suggestions

Assembly item. Has sub assemblies, each with a part (which is an assembly with a raw material part, quantity and method). When I generate suggestions and new PO suggestions all I get are top level items. No raw material from any of the sub assembly items. Why? Extremely complicated and frustrating just to create a bom to order materials lol. I have yet another job that is now already late because I cannot order material.

Is the material type set up as purchased for your plant and do you have the Generate PO Suggestions ticked on for each of those parts?

Is this a purchase to job material or do you stock it?

I am not sure how to answer first question.

It’s purchase to job material.

Do I need to check “generate po suggestions” for all of the raw material items used in the method for an assembly?

As of now the only way I know how to let purchasing know what to buy is “purchase direct”, give it a supplier in the job. Then generate po suggestions. However if I do that with the sub assemblies, the po suggestions are to purchase the sub assembly parts not the raw material itself

It sounds like your parts may not be set as Purchased. Open up part entry for one of them and check the Type that is assigned.


Thanks. Yes they’re marked purchased.

My structure is as follows:
Part xxx.xxx.xxx is a manufactured part that uses 14" part xxx.yyy.zzz that is purchased raw material and I’ve set up a MOM with various manufacturing methods such as waterjet, saw cut etc

Part xxx.xxx.xxx is used in a main assembly, so I included it in the bom for that assembly as a sub assembly, typically a weldment.

The top level parts for the assembly that are not manufactured such as hardware etc all show up on the po suggestions report, none of the raw material items above in the sub assembly weldments show up.

Is there something I am missing in the job, or in the engineering workbench for that assembly?

I don’t quite understand “pull as assembly” “view as assembly” and am wondering if that could be what’s causing me issues???

Probably not. Pull, Plan, and View only affect assemblies. There are two other places I want you to check.

First, check the Type on the Sites page. These can get out of sync and might be causing it.

Second, check that Process MRP and Generate PO Suggestions are checked on the Site information.


Thanks. Both Process MRP and Generate PO Suggestions are selected

Was the job firm and scheduled?

throw the dates up for the job, like the job start date, the operation start date for whcih the materials will be used and then throw up your Generate PO suggestions criteria that you are running it with.

Also, I would suggest using the logging option on generate PO suggestions if you are getting results you aren’t understanding because you can search through the logs and identify this specific job in there and with the more detailed version of logging you can typically understand why it did or didn’t generate a suggestion.

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Job is firm and scheduled. Still nothing.

I am going to do it on a spreadsheet, and probably switch to quickbooks. We are absolutely crippled and it’s crushing my business.

This has been an exercise in futility, and I blame myself for making a really stupid mistake even thinking of using something like Epicor. We call it “Epicfail” here.

Being a small business is extremely difficult. This has been the worst most financially impactful destructive thing I’ve ever seen happen to my business in the 20 years I’ve owned it.

We need a good checklist for this stuff here. I made this list years ago, but it does not cover this - it was more about troubleshooting unfirm jobs.

OK, so here’s a crack at it, and others have covered a lot of this already.

Why don't I see demand to buy the material on this job

  1. Is it actually material on the job, and not a subassembly? (in your case, yes it is material - good)
  2. Does the material have a Required quantity? (not just a qty per parent)
  3. Has the material been issued complete already?
  4. Is the part set up as purchased on the main screen of Part Entry?
  5. Is the part set up as purchased for this site in Part Entry (on the Sites tab/card)?
  6. Is the part set up as Generate PO Suggestions = true
  7. Does the job have a req by date?
  8. Does the job have a due date?
  9. Does the material itself have a req by date?
  10. Is the job firm?
  11. Is the job released?
  12. Is the job scheduled?

Also, what does Time Phase look like for the raw material part? Can you find this job material in Time Phase? Does it have a date?

And I can keep editing this list with everyone’s thoughts.

I’m not sure how this is helpful to anyone… there are a lot of us here that will gladly help you but maybe, just maybe tone down the rhetoric a little its distracting for the real problems you have with your setup.

Have you looked at this part in Time Phase? Time Phase is mini MRP it will show you exactly what MRP is going to do about a part.

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Thanks . Mods please delete this thread.

I appreciate everyone’s time.