Why I am abandoning Kinetic screens completely 😥

This is not intended to be an Epicor/Kinetic bashing post. I just want to document the reasons why I am choosing to abandon Kinetic screens.

Since we upgraded October 1st last year, I have been trying to exclusively use the Kinetic browser interface for one of our divisions. There are lots of things that I found better in the Kinetic interface, but the bugs are too much.

Here is a partial list of the PRBs I have tied in EpiCare. Some are fixed, some are not.

  • PRB0252263 - New UI Kinetic Dashboard deploy error when Refresh Interval is 128 and greater. Error: There is an error in XML document (23, 6).
  • PRB0260189 - Cannot enter Revision on Sales Order for POTF - Kinetic UI only
  • PRB0255521 - Public Cloud Customers lost ability to adjust New UI options with capaibliyt merge into menu maintenance
  • PRB0252259 - Getting Error “CRM is not licensed or enabled” when creating a Demand Contract
  • PRB0251218 - Data Collection - “Not Receipt Authoring licensed” error when starting production activity from Work Queue

I don’t have the PRB for drag & drop of attachments in Kinetic, but that is another one.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back? I just tested and confirmed that no metadata is being transferred to ECM when attaching documents in the Kinetic UI. For the past 5 months, we have been attaching documents and not capturing any of the metadata. THIS BUG SHOULD BE PLASTERED EVERYWHERE!!! (if they are aware of it) (waiting on confirmation)

I now have to go back and take all of the customizations I only did in Kinetic and make them in Classic so this division can go back to classic.

Epicor, get your stuff together!!! I know you are working on these problems, but I am now firmly in the “you should have never released Kinetic” camp. I’m not going back to Kinetic UI until you do.


At least it was only one division. I’m not going to have anyone switch until I can use the web browser exclusively at least three months without any issues. Thank you for putting in the work to get those problem records created.

I think there have been enough posts like this that anyone who frequents this form should know to be cautious about implementing Kinetic UI.

Yeah. I guess what is really frustrating me about this is that there are:

  • bugs
  • Bugs
  • and BUGS

I have come across a bunch of the small b and capital B bugs, but this is the first BUG I have found. Severely disappointed with Epicor at the moment.

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All y’all early adopters should start some kind of group therapy together. Epicor can supply the drinks…

Who wants to bet on how long till the thread is closed? :laughing:

Our expectation was that not everything will work. It’s new. We decided to use Kinetic screens but if the functionality wasn’t up to classic or there were bugs, then we also have that classic screen on the menu. We have some users who still use the Kinetic screens while others use the same classic version. This gives everyone the experience of what is coming while still having stability.

Thanks for posting this @jkane. And sorry to hear about the massive data loss issue. I’m surprised at how upset I am FOR you.

Have you gotten in touch with Tim Shoemaker? He’s heading up the Kinetic Adoption group and should be aware of all of this so something can get done instead of waiting.

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From back in 2021 …

That’s how we are implementing as well.

Keep it Kind and Constructive and it doesn’t have to be! So far so good! :clap: They do need to know this stuff! No rose colored glasses here!


We’re in the same boat.

We do keep some users on the screens we can use, and we continue to poke at it.

In the meantime, I try to make my needed customizations in classic as server side as possible
to be ready.


Great thinking!

This is a big one for me. My whole thing for the last six months is “drag and drop it into Epicor and plug in any metadata”. Like, upload the supplier cert and type in the expiration date. I’ve even been driving some BPM logic off of it.

It’s been wildly successful. People actually, legitimately love it. Any step backwards from that simplicity is going to be rough.

Big Brain: Keep things server side to separate UI from business logic.

Bigger Brain: Keep things server side to ensure an easy transition from rich client to browser.

Galaxy Brain: Keep things server side so I don’t have to learn Javascript yet.


Multiverse Brain: Make sure you know VB, c#, java, 4GL, SQL, …


Or… you could always…

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We’re in this same boat right now moving from E9 to Kinetic. This has been a big discussion for us. We’re really pushing hard to fully deploy the kinetic version, but it’s been frustrating at times. There are some nice features that we like, but other areas it’s quite a struggle. We’re concerned if we allow both classic and Kinetic screens people will never want to migrate away from Classic. For those of you doing a mix of screens, have your users been open to both?

We pick and choose our battles, but luckily we have that option.

We do have some users that have switched to classic on a few more screens and others who like Kinetic better. Everyone knows the clock is ticking on classic and we constantly remind them that the plug will be pulled eventually. People using just the browser love the performance. In the end though, we need Kinetic to be as good or better than classic to get buy-in.


I have a hard time believing that. I’ve found that in most cases, the browser is much slower.

That being said, it could certainly be because of my certain combination of factors.

Are you using a web browser directly, or whatever the client uses if you open a Kinetic screen? I’ve found its MUCH faster if you are operating directly in your web browser of choice vs letting the client open whatever it wants.

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Yes, the built in is a nightmare lol.