Why isn't Epicor listed in this article?

nobody cares about SMEs like Epicor does, warts and all.

I’ve heard you need 3-4% of your carpet staff to run SAP - in a SME that would kill you. I administer, develop and manage Epicor for 180 wetwares and probably could up to 250, by myself.

Infor is like the flipping borg. Horrible customer service, horrible, arrogant customer sales reps, and horrible years-later license audits dripping with sleaze. Not gonna lie, I don’t adore my Epicor integrators (you know who you are) but Infor’s integrators were just awful. And at least Epicor has an amazing toolbox.

Epicor has plenty of frustrating policies and things, but in general their people are really breaking the big, impersonal, software giant stereotype irreparably.

I don’t know who funds VentureBeat - but why doesn’t Mary Barra ever mention Tesla?

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Exactly why we (previous company) didn’t even consider them when we decided to change from Visual Manufacturing. It really changed after Lilly sold it. The audits were awful and repetitive.