Why Subcontract cost on Job with no subcontract operation?

Production noted there is no subcontracting with a particular job. Yet, the production detail report shows a few dollars of subcontract cost. Why do some jobs have small dollars hitting subcontract when the parts and jobs are not set up for subcontract. Method costs show $0 for subcontract. Where is the subcontract cost pulling from?

Are Resource Group and Operation set for subcontract?

There is only one operation and subcontract is not checked.

Do any of the materials contain any subcontract cost? We do track those buckets so inventory with those costs will get moved to jobs if issued.

When I look at Job Details/Assemblies/Costs, I can see that ASM: 4 for Part 13314 shows subcontract cost $3.28. ASM: 5 for Part VS1A04-AXXR shows subcontract cost $0.46. However, in Method Tracker/Actions/ View Costs, there is $0 subcontract shown for each of these parts. Per the Operations Manager, these assemblies do not have subcontract cost. Wondering why subcontract costs are coming through the job to the ledger.

You would have to look at the material transactions individually in the job tracker. That may point to where the costs are coming from.

There is one material checked and it shows sub unit cost $0. Am I looking in the right place?

I checked production detail material transactions but don’t see the detail of the subcontract costs.

I looked at one of our jobs. We are FIFO, and I know costing methods do factor in. When I ran the detail report, I got SubC.: 0.00 for all of the rows.

When I do a BAQ on the PartTran table filtering out the JobNum, I do see the SubContract costs on our materials. When I go back into the job tracker, I see those costs on those materials as well. I’m not sure why the Production Detail report isn’t showing the correct costs on the details.

Also, just because a material doesn’t have a check, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been partially issued. I would do the BAQ on the PartTran to see what costs are involved.

Those are estimated sub contract cost fields and are not hitting your WIP. Look for the “This Level Actual xxx Cost” fields.