Windows Server 2019 and SQL 2019?

Does anyone know if Server 2019 and SQL 2019 are officially supported on 10.2.500?

Page 5 of the 10.2.500 architecture guide.

Windows 2019 is
However SQL 2019 is not (and wouldn’t recommend it yet)

I don’t think I’d suggest Server 2019 either based on my experience with it.

Got some horror stories?

Not with Epicor and Server 2019 but with Server 2019 and other apps. I run our Epicor on Server 2016 yet. I think Microsoft needs to do some polishing on Server 2019. Seems rushed.

We’ve been having issues trying to run the Epicor clients on Server 2019 (they are Citrix servers). Still trying to figure out if something is off on our particular servers or if it’s a general problem with Windows Server 2019…

The client still works but it’s definitely slower than the same client running on a 2012 R2 or 2016 server. We also see the blue wheel wait cursor more often than usual, as well as the menu title bar “Not Responding…” message. The client doesn’t actually fully crash when this happens, but it’s almost like Epicor thinks it’s crashing even though it’s fine… For example when retrieving results to a grid in Customer Tracker (or something), I’ll get the “Not Responding” message for a second even though the results end up returning just as quickly as they do for clients running on other machines (where I never see the “Not Responding” message)… It’s all very strange

We are running Epicor on Server 2016 VMs. But I’m about spin up new 10.2.600 environments on Server 2019 VMs. I’ll let you know what we see for performance.

In general we see more issues with Server 2019. We don’t have any Epicor infrastructure running on Server 2019 right now though. So I can only comment on general performance and issues with Server 2019.

I believe Epicor supports SQL 2019 from E10.2.600 but they haven’t got pricing for it. This was the status two months before as SQL 2019 is supported till 2029. Will let know as I am raising this issue with Epicor this week.

Pricing for it? I didn’t think Epicor was reselling Windows licenses lol

Sorry its licencing and not pricing. It s SQL 2019 not Windows. This was from Epicor’s PM
Unfortunately SQL 2019 is still not available from our Licence Team yet, so we have to remain on SQL 2017 for now.

They must mean for internal testing or something? Anyone can buy SQL 2019 and run it with Epicor if it’s supported. You don’t have to get a license for it from Epicor.

Its cheaper to buy licence from OEM rather than re-seller.
This was from Epicor PM as we are very keen on SQL 2019 as few other software are already on SQL 2019.
MS SQL 2019. We have confirmation that this is officially certified on 10.2.600. However, our Global Licensing Team have yet to include this in their product pricing list.

That’s not always true. Microsoft partners have a lot of room to move on licenses. You can get a better deal on bulk licenses and calls from partners.

Problem with the US people they think they are the world. But we are a small country. So we may not get same deal as in US. :smiley:

Huh. I don’t think commenting on what discounts Microsoft Partners have has anything to do with what country you or I are in. If that’s how you took my comment then I think this conversation is over.

I didn’t take that way. Rule of thump. US licencing is 30% cheaper than many parts of world.

Just a FYI. Looks like SQL 2019 didn’t make it in for .600 according to the hardware guide. I’m working on a new .600 environment so I grabbed the latest docs. Still only SQL 2017. I’m guessing SQL 2019 will be added for .700.

EDIT - In the new install guide it lists SQL 2019. So guessing it is supported? Odd they didn’t update the hardware guide to reflect that.

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Thanks, please do keep us posted on Server 2019 performance! Will be very curious to hear if you get any of the same client weirdness on 2019.

I will report back for sure. Working on the .600 install now!