WIP Report - unposted transactions

Is there a way to pull unposted transactions shown in WIP report through BAQ?

Not sure if I undestand, but PartTran holds most of the transactions. You can find the unposted ones there.

I would like to see unposted accounting transaction related to PartTran.

Like the “phantom purge” ones? No, I don’t think so. That’s all on-the-fly in the report.

Adding on to what @JasonMcD said, the WIP Recon report actually uses the Posting Engine to determine the final GL trans that would be created by the Capture COS/WIP process.

A basic BAQ on the PartTran would give you the parts that still need to be included in the Capture COS/WIP process.

A more advanced BAQ may even be able to determine the GL acct that the required posting would hit - for some transactions. Like the basics (PUR-STK, PUR-UKN, STK-CUS, STK-MTL, etc…) Those can be determined from a couple of other tables.

But trying to calculate the variances would be the hardest.

I made this eons ago. Job_variance2.baq (62.9 KB)

You’ll need to tweak it quite a bit by removing all the criteria on the tables.

I see my description says “Variance on jobs - calculated as TLActual + LLActual - sum(MFG-STK transactions). TL and LL come from the Assembly level of the job.”

I assume that means something… I was smarter then.

Maybe someone has a use for it.

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