WIP Reconciliation Data

We’ve been on Epicor for over 4 months and are still struggling with jobs. When we close a job, an MFG-VAR gets created for a variance that may occur.

We can run a WIP Reconciliation report to see if any “Phantom Purge WIP to COS” transactions occur, but we would rather not do this for every job to see if a potential variance is going to be created.

I asked where the data is stored from the report, and was told it is temporary and not stored in a table anywhere.

Ideally, I’d like to have a dashboard for my users to look at closed jobs for the current month only, with any job that has a “Phantom Purge WIP to COS” transaction.

Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance,

The WIP report may get you what you want.

If you really want to make a report, the PartTran table should be what you need. Summarize the transactions based on the JobNum. This will let you see costs added to jobs (STK-MTL, PUR-MTL, etc…) and costs removed from the job (MFG-STK, MFG-CUS, etc…).


one caveat … you’ll need to adjust the sign of the ExtCost based on the trantype

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Thanks, Calvin. Is there a way to pull those types if the jobs were closed, but not posted to G/L? I tried using the PartTran_PostedToGL, but all came back as True.

When I put a ticket into Epicor about this, they say those not posted / “Phantom Purge WIP to COS” are not stored anywhere to report off of, except that report itself.

We want to try and capture those variances in a dashboard to review as needed prior to month end when those variances will be posted.

The report takes a long time to run, so if we had a dashboard showing those exceptions, they can use that instead to save time.

Hi Randy,

See attached query for some basic job data. At least it can be a starting point for you and might need tweaking. Be sure to compare it back to your WIP report to make sure it is accurate for you.

For the WIP balance I am just taking the actual job cost and subtracting the extended cost of the receipts/shipments. If you have job activities including adjustments, non-conformance entries, etc. this probably need to be adjusted accordingly. Comparing it to your existing WIP report will let you know how accurate it will be in your environment. You will also need to add a filter for closed jobs. Currently, this shows all non-closed jobs.

OpenJobsWIP.baq (60.7 KB)



Thanks, Ross. I appreciate it. I’ve got something like this, but not all fields. This will help. I’m still baffled as to why the MFG-VAR transactions that have not posted, won’t show up. If I post the MFG-VAR, they appear. Just very strange.

It is because in this floating inventory cost model they are all generated on-the-fly via posting rules during the INV/WIP Reconciliation process. You can examine these to see how they are generated in the COSandWIP GL Transaction Type Maintenance.

It will generate them all during the process that runs and let you post the results to the GL but they are not sitting out there in a table.



I have created a query to look for mfg variances of jobs that are closed but not yet posted thru month end “Capture”. But my query is looking for only Std costed parts only, so if you’re using a different costing method than Std, then you might have to tweak the query.
The dates prompted in the query are ranges of job closing “From and To”.

MfgVar.baq (134.2 KB)


That would explain what I was told. Thanks for the lesson, Ross! lol

Thanks, Al. I’ll take a look at that. This could be close to what I’m looking for.
Thank you!