Wolfram writing their own ERP system


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@jdewitt6029 built his own ERP system too!

Yes, I did for a graphical printing company where I worked for 14 years. Built it all on .NET MVC and SQL Server. It was all browser based and worked great. I left that company almost 3 years ago but they are still using the system I built.

I could go on and on with both con’s and pro’s for doing so. In the end it is all about the company’s needs, strategic plans, acceptable risk, etc.

Developer hat: I loved it. The control and freedom was great. The system was 100% tailored to the company’s needs.

Manager/‘stake holder in company’ hat: very risky. difficult to stay on top of things without adding FTE.


I bow in hommage. That is an awesome achievement. I wish I had just 1/8 the skill to be able to pull something like that off.

I think @timshuwy also wrote a system as well.