Working in Browser? Really?

I usually get the blank kinetic screen on a fresh time opening something. Closing and re-opening will get the data. Is it something in the framework getting cached?

I haven’t done it with the browser debugging to see what’s going on yet.

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As that big blue muppet says…


For me, this is all that I changed to make it work.

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This thread has brought up some key questions. (again)

  1. Many Kinetic Screens still have issues - browser or client. Working with various customers, we have “turned off” Kinetic screens. So the real question is Kinetic ready for GA?
  2. Early in this thread there’s comment about the client (Classic) going away with 2024 - but later this year, Epicor has stated it is not. I was just on EpicWeb - couldn’t see any statements either way.

If Classic is going away for the Cloud (and other customers), I would think that a two year notice would be posted in EpicWeb.

You can see it in the Epicweb: Sign In

Page 27

See more details in a new thread.

Although this is “true”, in the sense that it is not false, Epicor SaaS users know that actually utilizing the Classic screens is getting more and more difficult.


I’ll take it!

How is utilizing the screens becoming more difficult? Is it becoming harder to manage because everything is defaulting to the KineticUX on the SaaS?


As an extremely stubborn Firefox user, I’d bet good money there’s an overflow: hidden; applied during load that the site fails to remove due to a breaking dependency on a browser-specific load event. For a site that’s used as much as your ERP it can be worth writing up a javascript bookmarklet to fix screwups like that. I used to file bug reports, but it’s so incredibly rare to reach a mainstream website support person who knows how websites work that it’s just not worth it. Fortunately this kind of thing is extremely rare nowadays and an endless source of support tickets when it does, so hopefully they’ll come around.

I have a company upgrading to the SaaS version of Kinetic
I found that they have the Kinetic option hidden on the overflow menu in menu maintenance to select user choice for all submenus.
Saved me a lot of time turning off kinetic in each process

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Great find! Thanks!

Since Kinetic Application Maintenance went away I had no idea where to find this.

Here’s a picture of it in the menu maintenance.