Working in Browser? Really?

Is Kinetic from a browser really the way they want us to go in the future? Are they planning to ditch the desktop app completely? How can this possibly be better? Can anyone put my mind at ease here?

It seems to me like using the browser is a huge security risk. What if the user is using an old version of Firefox, or worse… Edge? Are XSS or SQL injection attacks a concern? Does Kinetic use cookies? What is stored in them?

@ckrusen asked a similar question: Is security in the browser (Kinetic) okay?
This thread did easy my concerns a little bit. I just really like a standalone application. Is it really going away?

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At Insights 2022, the information is that with version 2024.1, there will be no desktop client shipped.

Why do you think a desktop client is more secure?

And Edge is Chrome… :person_shrugging:


That’s the word on the street. I want to say 2024 is when it’s gone/unsupported/etc.


I am no security expert. But I have all the same concerns as calvin from his post. We just don’t trust users in browsers, ever. You all make good arguments that the desktop app is no more secure than the browser version. I guess I have to trust the experts here.

Will our browsers be storing any epicor data? For example, browsers often have an autofill form feature. If uesrs type the same part number day after day, will they be allowed to save it in the browser so it autofills? If so, how secure is that autofill data?

We get pen test reports from our MSP. They use Galactic Scan to look for stored credentials and other data. This often returns users sensitive save information from browsers including usernames, passwords, and addresses. Based on this revelation, we advise users not to allow the browser to autosave passwords or other form fields. But we know this is not always followed.
Will Galactic Scan pickup an sensitive information Epicor leaves behind in the browser? I haven’t had them run a test yet, but our next pen test will include this.

We have had issue testing kinetic browser in Egde and Firefox. Every time we had an issue, running it in chrome seemed to resolve it. So they may be the same under the hood, but Kinetic doesn’t think so.

Anecdotally, I exclusively use Edge and it works flawlessly.

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The browser is good enough for EVERY BANK IN THE WORLD… it will be okay :slight_smile:

  • No client installations
  • Upgrades are immediate
  • Works on tablets and phones out-of-the-box
  • Text Resizing, better accessibility
  • Deep linking (send a link to a user instead of sending a .sysconfig file)
  • Content flows instead of over-writing (no more anchor issues!)
  • Eliminates the poor practice of embedding business logic in the UI
  • Access where ever you have a browser (security permitting)

Is Edge the preferred browser going forward?

All I really needed was the the Gomez-“it will be ok”. :slight_smile:


I think the preferred browser is whatever you are comfortable with.

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Samesies. Now, this is Chromium Edge and not the deprecated Edge to be clear.


What? Depreciated? How would I know which I have? If you’re using edge based on chromium, why not just use chrome?

The blue “e” logo is the old Edge… Chromium Edge (Edgium?) is the blue/teal/green swirl logo.

I’m also a huge fan of the new Edge. Better than Google Chrome IMHO.




Two reasons for me:

  1. Edge appears to be faster and it doesn’t cut a new process for each tab open which killed me (Looks like it actually does now…)
  2. I use Chrome for home stuff and Edge for work stuff to keep some segregation of search history/websites/bookmarks/logins/etc


This is a problem with Basic Authentication - for all clients. :wink:

Good! As you should!!!

This is was done for security.

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Personally, I tend to be more interested in usability and stability.
why for now I prefer the client but…I think browser based does make a lot of sense and just have faith that by the time 2024 arrives, most of the current kinks will have been worked out.

Either way, security will always be a concern.


It looks like I do have the new hotness then! If it’s good enough for the likes of Willett, Gomez, and Wonsil, then I guess I better give it another chance!

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Jose gives me shit for using it all the time. :rofl:
But John Friend recommended it at Insights a few years back, soooo… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Check out Edge’s “Collections” feature, it’s great. It’s basically bookmarks, but better.

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