Zero Cost for Obsolete Inventory

Moving parts in the system is a lot of work

With lot control you could query last Parttran record by lot and part
Also filter by Trantype not including adj or STK-STK
This would allow finance to review parts based on usage

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I agree with Bruce, doing this as a report would make more sense than doing actual inventory moves.

Did you mean a different table? PartTran?

Darn mobile phone

MOST companies simply use the report as described and their Accounting dept does a journal entry to write off the overstock items to a reserve. This is self healing if items all of the sudden become of value again… no need to move inventory. Simply run the report, find out how much is excess, and change the reserve. I know that this technique was used decades ago by my CFO. We also kept a reserve for “overbuilds” when we had a job that was making more of our MTO product than the customer ordered (we had high scrap but sometimes we were successful at reducing scrap and so we produced too mch).