Zone BAQ - Displaying a web link URL?

My first attempts at adding an extended property to the Part table Partnum field, having discovered extended properties:

I have a BAQ producing the Partnum and also a URL which defines the part as an internet link pointing to the QRCode for the part. I want to display this link as an active image (web page) and not a text URL which the current extended property displays…

How do I force the extended property to show the webpage in the Calculated_QR_C field as opposed to simply the text (i.e the fields I generated in the BAQ) as in Rick’s post.

Forgot to say E10 Epicor Public Cloud.


For this to work your BAQ results can only include the BAQZone Key (Part Num) and your URL field.
If you include other fields it will show a column view and if more than one record returns it will show a Row view.

Thank you for that, the solution looked like it was working, brings up a blank web page for a couple of seconds and then errors out with the following error:

Example QRCode Page:

I know the web URL is fine as I can load it as a url in the browser and get the correct QRCode displayed.

I have even tried to hardcode the image to point to ‘’ but the same error occurs after the initial screen comes up for about 30 seconds, so I think it may well be a restriction on the Cloud version.

It is a restriction for Cloud Dave. There was just another thread on this a few weeks ago. One solution is to generate the image, save it in the Image/FileStore and then print like any other image.

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Thank you for that information. I had assumed that was going to be the problem which could be a major gotcha for us as we need to generate dynamic QRCodes on the fly to interface with our legacy systems which process more than simple Partnum information and the extended property solution seemed to be an ideal solution as detailed by Rick.

Oh well, back to the drawing board I guess. I have raised a case about it on the Epicare portal and sorry not to have noticed the thread you mentioned despite doing a search for anything that I thought would throw light on the problem.

To be clear, you CAN execute URL calls on the client, just not on their servers so no BPMs, BAQs, etc.

Is the issue the the hosting site doesn’t allow the traffic to the site that generates the QR image?

What if the url used was on your own domain (the one used to authenticate with the cloud service)?

If that works, you could setup a “web site”, and use a redirect to fetch the data from the unauthorized site, but make it look like it is from the authorized one.

Good idea. I may knock up a Client app in that case and see if it works.

@Mark_Wonsil can you post a link that that thread here for others in the future?


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FWIW - I made a SSRS Report that creates the Datamatrix pattern in VB code (in the report Code).


It uses the block character - which isn’t square, so the “square” code image is a little taller than it is wide.

When I get the time, I’m going to try to use a tablix, dynamically setting the number of rows and columns, their height and width, and the background color of the each cell black or white.

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I have a call scheduled with Epicor USA West Coast later today as they seem to think that it can in fact be done. I will report back after the call.


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Epicor have acknowledged the error in E10 700.2 whereby the extended fields cannot render a web page display - or in our case the display of a QR Code on the Saas Public cloud…

I got the confirmation after being on-line with their developers from the West and East Coast late last week and they have lodged it as a change request.

The feature seems to have broken around to Version 600 time.