10.2.300 Issues/Bugs

We were going to upgrade from to 10.2.300.2 but heard there are some serious issues. Has anyone found reasons to wait for a while to update to 10.2.300??

We go live in Dec so we were hoping to be on .300 for the month of Nov. OTherwise I need to plan an update in a few months which also means a new client.


I’m sure 300 is just fine, however since you are so close to go live I’d recommend going live on .200.(latest) and then quickly within a month or two upgrading to 300 once there have been a few point releases…

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We have been debating that but I really don’t want to have to reinstall the client on all my users. That is the biggest pain point for us. Plus if we do wait they will probably make me wait 6 months. WE were going to go live with .300 and just keep up with patches; what I read it seems ok but then I heard form a user there were some issues and we should wait. I don’t know the details.

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Going from 10.2.100 -> 10.2.200 wasn’t a big deal for us. I assume the same for .200 -> .300. 10.0 -> 10.2 was a bigger deal. Like Jose said, wait a few months and then do the .300. Upgrade your Pilot or Education and let them play around a bit. They’re in the testing mindset now. You don’t want to wait too long or they’re forget how to test! :rofl:

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“but heard there are some serious issues”

I had upgraded a test environment, but have yet done much testing.
I would like to know about some of these issues.

I didn’t get specifics and someone else I know did the update and no issues…maybe it was a user error.

I would suggest you read the release notes on the EpicWeb for the new 300 version. That will help in determining what resolved issues or enhancements have occurred to help you determine if you wish to upgrade.

I read through them and I did’t see anything that alarmed me for our business. We are going to go ahead on our test server and see what happens.

Do the release notes ever mention the bugs that aren’t fixed, that would make someone decide not to upgrade?

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they do but how current are they. They could release it and then some get reported you don’t know about.