10.2.500 wiping out uBAQ Advanced BAQ code?


Anyone noticed this, and if so, have a good solution?

We have a few very significant BAQs with Advanced Update BPMs in place of the standard. On the face of it they seemed to have made the jump from 10.2.200 to 10.2.500 without problem, and mostly they aren’t easy to test because they’re tied to external services which can only talk to one system at a time.

But doing what testing I could, I found that in each case ALL the code has been wiped and each one has reverted to standard BPM update, which obviously doesn’t do us any good at all. There wasn’t even any warning that it had happened.

Before I embark on a marathon session of copy-paste-correct-update, has anyone noticed this and found a better way?

What version of 10.2.500? We are looking to go Live with our Mexico plant next month.

Our test version is 10.2.500.2. It might be worth me trying to see if a more recent version is any different, but it looks like something quite fundamental.

Panic over and mostly a false alarm. There was a mismatch in our documentation of which BAQs were working which way.