Upgrading from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new in Epicor and need your help and recommendations, we are moving from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700 the latest patch. I wonder what we need to take care of? Here are very scared with taking care of all customizations, BAQ’s BPMs etc. but, I don’t really think that we should be really like export them or backing up those, right?

Also is there something to do with the CSF (Country specific functionality) we have a company in Mexico and is already set up with this. I wonder if we will have to set up everything, or since is the same version 10, it may be a bit easier?

I’m starting reading the upgrade process from Epicor but I see that manual is too large.

So if you have any suggestions or advices, would be really appreciate.

Thanks everyone

@arthureynoso Epicor has an free upgrade portal that you can upload your current database and it will analyze your BAQs, BPMs etc. and grade them as easy or complex to upgrade. They will also do a three pass upgrade of your database for around $3600, but not touch your customizations or they will quote you for doing all of the uplifting.

Once you know how simple or complex your upgrade is then you can make decisions on who is going to do the work. before I went to Insights I was also going to upgrade to 10.2.700, but now I am going to go to 11.1 and just run in classic mode, so food thought.

You will need to get access from your CAM I believe.

I’ve only used the Portal to upgrade from E9 to E10. Otherwise, the software upgrades your DB just fine.
As for upgrading Customizations and BPMs, there are a lot of consultants that can help, but often these simply come over with minor cosmetic issues.
With about 30 upgrades under my belt, I would say that the average upgrade time using the client’s servers are around 8 hours to upgrade the DB and about 10 hours to do any fixes to Dashboards/Reports/BPMs/Customizations.

@Jason_Woods I have only run the reports there, but I like that it does the health checks and lists all of your bpm and customizations. I think Bart recommended using it to see how ready you were for the latest. If I was consulting still I would use it to guestimate the hours for an client upgrade since it lists the quantity of every change and grades them as basic or complex.

I agree that he should not be too worried as 500-700 should just upgrade with minor screen issues.

Upgrading from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700 should be fairly transparent. there is no need to use the portal to do this upgrade. I would make sure that you have all the CFS packs before starting the upgrade. You should also do a trial run on a PILOT/Test server just to make sure…
Regarding your customizations:

  1. BPMs - very rarely a problem
  2. BAQs and Dashboards - Typically a transparent upgrade.
  3. Reports - again typically transparent
  4. Screen Customizations - This is where you can get into some trouble… if you added/moved/removed fields from a screen, and then Epicor also changed that same screen, you could have some conflicts that need to be addressed. but again, this is minimal as well

BUT when moving from one major release to another (version 9 to 10, or version 10 to Kinetic 2021.1), there might be schema changes. and that is where you may have to address any BPMs, BAQs, Dashbaords, and Screen customs.
ALSO, as of Kinetic 2021, the screens are all being redesigned using the Epicor Design Studio (EDS). The good news is that with the redesign, there is no longer a problem with conflicting space on a screen because the system auto moves fields. EDS will make upgrades in the future much easier.

We went from 10.2.400 to 10.2.700 - table changes caused problems for reports and EDI mapping. We had little trouble with the few C# customs we have, and none with BAQ’s or dashboards. I can’t stress the use of test systems enough.