2022.2.8 - "Due to security settings or module licensing process is unavailable."

Aren’t all the trackers under Executive Analysis> Trackers? So you can just give them access to that one path (and then whichever trackers you specifically want them to access)?

Edit: Oh I see you mentioned that, what a pain to have to either customize all the buttons or change all the security!

I was focused on the main trackers for the manufacturing floor, but after a bit more testing, this applies to Entry screens as well. For Example Maintenance Job Entry, which the security filter does make sense for this as someone who can get into the entry screens should have access to it on tree. Trackers do not make sense to me.

Hi Jeff,
We upgraded this past weekend to 2022.2.11. I’ve got a user having a similar problem accessing Part Tracker, which everyone has access to. We are not using Kinetic though. We are still on the Modern/Classic version of Epicor. Could this be causing that same problem?

Yeah, potentially. That’s interesting though because I’ve only seen this exhibit with the kinetic dashboard. It is possible since you can customize the items. See if there’s a way to create a new shortcut to that tracker replacing the old one if that fixes the problem.

The commonality is that this does tend to happen after minor upgrades. I think it’s part of their new security model they’re moving toward

Otherwise I’d contact support.

Yes, as both Classic and Kinetic UIs use the menu security/groups the same way.

I just discovered that we have this problem with MES/Data Collection. So, do we have to grant access to specific users rather than just selecting “Allow Access to All Groups/Users”? Part Tracker has always been set up to allow access to all but we’re getting the error message that Due to Security settings the process is unavailable.

Has anyone come up with a solution to MES Part Tracker as our users have just started using the Kinetic MES and cannot open Part Tracker due to this issue. I am expecting there will be others now that they are using Kinetic.

I had to create a new button and map it to the Part Tracker menu item under Executive Analysis > Trackers, since everyone has access to that in our environment. You can’t change a native control, so I moved it off the visible area and made my own new button. Same with Job Tracker.

@timshuwy is Epicor considering pointing the MES tracker buttons to EA-Trackers? This really needs to be done and done ASAP rather than everyone having to add custom buttons. We cannot give all our users access to Sales Management >Order Management > General Operations.

Debbie, were you able to do this in the Smart Client before? I know that some applications may NOT be allowed to be added to the MES screens due to licensing requirements… this is because the MES license is a less expensive option, and only supports a limited set of applications. for example, you cannot launch Sales Order Entry from the MES menu due to license issues.
If it worked in the smart client, but not from a browser, then this should be submitted to support for review.

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Tim - In the Smart Client Classic MES our users were able to access Part Tracker without having access to Sales Management >Order Management > General Operations. We have just started using Kinetic MES in the Smart Client as we are not using the browser yet.

Based on Adam Johnson’s post further up in this stream…As stated by Epicor support, there was a security change to harden security by requiring the end user to have access to the entire menu structure that leads to the menu item in question in 2022.2 whereas in 2022.1 the user only needed access to the menuID of the menu item in question. In making that change, they revoked MES (Data Collect) screen access.


I think this is a bad idea. I think they need a section for MES. EA folder in my opinion should be restricted by default, not open.

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@klincecum your suggestion of having an MES folder would work too. I just need a solution where I don’t have to create custom buttons in MES or give the users access to Sales Management >Order Management > General Operations.

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I just discovered something interesting…I resolved the Kinetic MES Part Tracker not opening by simply copying the base layer (made no changes) and saving/publishing it as a new custom layer - then adding the custom layer to the MES (Shop Floor) Process in Menu Maintenance. I didn’t have to go the route of creating a new button…of course this was after I had spent time figuring out how to create the new button. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: this doesn’t change in a future release and break again!

Just checking - people that are having issues with MES security - are you aware of this menu?


When loading it for the first time, it asks if you want to Initialize MES Menu security. I haven’t checked into it but my gut feel is that the MES buttons are checking for whether this MES Menu Security has been initialized, if so use these permissions - else default to the usual Menu Security.

We already had Handheld / MES Menu Security Maintenance Enabled with no Groups/User allowed access - except Security Managers. Since we were having issues with the Kinetic MES button security but not with Classic - I am going to say this is not the cause.