[6.1] Upgrading Vantage Server to Windows-2000 Server

I will (with help from a local consultant) be upgrading our Windows NT 4.0 Vantage server to Windows-2000 Server this evening. I have already checked with Epicor Support and they had no words of wisdom other than if Progress 9.1D chokes on it it might have to be re-installed.

Anyone have "real world" experience with upgrading their Vantage server's OS? For a variety of reasons I can not do a clean OS reload from scratch so must go the upgrade route. I am putting on Windows 2000 instead of 2003 because it was purchased with the system 5 years ago but never installed once Vantage was OK with Win2K. I have one other Windows-2000 server which is our Active Directory primary server so user accounts should be OK. Anyone have issues in such an upgrade with Progress? If so what was needed to resolve it?

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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