8.03.305 Short job qty

We have situations here where we start a job for say 100 pcs. By the time the routing is finished we end up with 98 pcs. We want to close the op out at 98, but if we do costing does not seem to work out correctly. It wants to cost out based on the 100. Others have put into place updating the job production qty to 98, but that creates its own issues. If we really started or ran 110 pcs you won't know that unless you look at change logs or simply the op complete qtys. But then how do you discern if that qty then was what they were instructed to do (from the traveler) or if operators are just running more then needed?

Ultimately its about the costing, but we need to try and satisfy the count\qty side as well. Any info on what others are doing would be helpful.


Melissa Hietala
UMC, Inc.

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