9.05.607 Quote Module

We quote routing with multiple subcontract operations and potenitally different scrap %'s. When updating the scrap % on an operation line it is not carrying through to the Subcontract Detail page and calculating the cost of the operation correctly in relation to the qty of parts we will need to run in that operation. When doing the same thing on material lines the logic works as expected. Has anyone else ran into this and have a fix or are we missing a step somewhere? Or is there a piece of Epicor logic I am missing?
For example:
Qty quoted is 100 pieces
Op 10 CNC Machining with added 10% scrap - Now producing 110 pieces
Op 20 Subcontract Passivate Still have the 110 pieces I want to passivate
I can add the 10% on op 20 'Detail' tab, but this does not flow through to the "Subcontract Detail" tab and update the Qty per parent field or Run Qty field
On Worksheet it will show subcontract cost of $100 instead of $110.
Also does anyone know how to get the Misc Charges from a Price Break screen from an RFQ to flow to the Quote? We have RFQ's on all Sub ops, but if they have a "Cert" charge of $10 they charge us everytime regardless of qty, how do we get that to flow to the worksheet as well on a quote? We do not want this as a line misc charge and print on quote, we'd like to see it amoritized in on potentially all qtys of a part that we are quoting.
Thank you,

Melissa Hietala
UMC, Inc.

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