9.05.700C Global Alerts

We are in our testing db and are investigating global alerts. I made 2 alerts active yesterday, did a few transactions to see if email alerts shot off. We've never used them so I set up the Start up process and launched it. Started running fine. I noticed as I was watching it, that there were a ton of errors creating. I let it go to run overnight.
I did get emails for the 3 transactions I should have but the process is still running and looks to be Change Log errors for 1 specific custom BAM we don't even use anymore. My issues is it shows me the Alert text for the alert that errored out for no recipients, but I cannot see any 'normal' BAMs that even have the Send Alert box checked. How do I find where this custom change log is set up so I can try to mitigate this situation when we want to go Live?
Thank you for any help or direction,

Melissa Hietala
UMC, Inc.

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