905 Install files missing on EpicWeb?

Noticed recently that I am unable to find the patch 905702a install file on Epicweb. If I go down to Epicor 9 under ‘Products’ there is not a ‘downloads’ option anymore. Did Epicor remove them or move them to a different part of epicweb? We are setting up a TEST server and need to install 905702a on our TEST server. I am particularly looking for the 905702a patch install file for SQL…

Thank you.

I can Epicor in Epicweb, may be you have access issue.

Interesting, is your screenshot under ‘Products’ ‘Epicor ERP Version 9’ ‘Downloads’? Wonder if because we are migrating to version 10 we no longer have access to the version 9 files? I see a ‘Downloads’ folder under Epicor ERP Version 10 that has all the 10 install files.

Are you in the process of upgrading from 9.05 to a 10 product? Are you going to process the database upgrade yourself? I ask because we have chosen to use Epicor Cirrus product for the upgrade. It makes getting the database from 9.05 to the 10 target product much easier. We are on 9.05.702 at one of our sites, and Epicor applies the 702a patch and then upgrades it through to the target using their Cirrus tool. Just wanted to make sure you where aware of this option. If so, sorry to take up your time.