A LaborDtl record does not appear in Time and Expense entry

I have a LaborDtl record that does not appear in Time and Expense Entry, for the Employee who’s EmpID is on the LaborDtl record. I have checked to make sure that the ActiveTrans field is set to false, so that isn’t the problem.

The LaborDtl record DOES show up on the Labor Transactions Tab in Job Tracker. I can pull the record up in a BAQ.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should look for next ?

Hi Jim,
I believe that if the LaborDtl was created through Job Adjustment it would not create a Time and Expense Entry. Check the Labor Transactions Tab in Job Tracker and look to see whether the entry was created through the MES or another User in the Created By column. Hope this helps

One thing that has confused me before is that there may be two, um, days in the same day. You’ll see it in the tree on the left. For example, if you post the day and then go back to add more time.

Something that has bitten us a few times on that screen is not having all the values checked:

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What Jason said has caught me up in the past. Check the payroll date and clock in date, if the user does not clock out every day then you will see the records in time and expense under the day they clocked in, not the day they started that activity.

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I figured out what the issue was. The LaborDtl records that were missing in Time and Expense Entry were created by a customization that I had written a long time ago. @Joseph_Martin, you were on the right track. What I found was that the Payroll Date on the LaborDtl records didn’t match the Payroll Date in the LaborHed. Once I fixed that, the records show up in Time and Expense entry.

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