No Labor Costs with MES Transactions

I am trying to implement MES and cannot see any labor transactions after completing a job in MES. If I create and complete the same assembly without MES I see the labor transactions, using the same employee, etc. So something must be undefined. Is there a different setting somewhere to capture MES labor entry?

When you say ‘Completing a job’, do you mean ending a production activity?

Do you require approval for your labor entries? If so, they need to be approved before the cost will hit the job.

What are you asking about only time I know of it does not report labor correctly using MES (Report Quantity) is when the resource group is left blank.

There is no approval step for labor in the standard Time and Expense Entry. I used my own employee ID for both regular and MES labor transactions and I have a labor rate and resource group attached to my employee.
I do see on the employee record T&E/Time/Detail tab there is a checkbox for Auto Approve Time but it is grayed out to me.

Just throwing this out there as a couple things to check. Is the employee clocked out? I don’t think the T&E will show the transaction until the employee is clocked out.
Is there a Labor Rate defined for your employee record?

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I believe you’re correct here about clocking out, also pretty sure the LaborDtl table gets the info as soon as you report quantity in MES regardless of being clocked out, and should show under Job Closing list view, but the T&E entries only show up after clock out.