A/R Invoice Report customization on Crystal Rep

Hello Richard,

When you press the Print button in A/R invoice entry Vantage actually creates
several temporary tables (in dbf format) in the Vantage working directory

Do a print preview for an invoice and then look in c:\vntgwork. You will find
the tables in question.

Hope this helps!

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services
(909) 273-1282

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Subject: [Vantage] A/R Invoice Report customization on Crystal Report
Author: <vantage@yahoogroups.com>
Date: 1/23/2002 2:32 AM

Hi guys,
I'm currently working on the A/R Invoice Report customization. The
information I gather from the Help file title -"Customizing Crytal
Forms". According to the help file, A/R Invoice for cystral report is
in epic51\Vantage\UserForm\arform.rpt and it involved Vantage Tables:
invhead, invcdtl, invcmisc, invctax, payments.

I run the Data Dictionary - Table relationship report on the Vantage.
The report shows that the relationship to creating this A/R invoice
report involved: Invcdtl, invcmisc, invchead, and invctax.

"Payments" table doesn't exist in the data dictionary. Why the help
file indicate the there is a "payment" table.

Anyone have any idea?

Best Regard,
Richard Chuah
e-Business Specialist
Simplicity Technologies Sdn Bhd
email: richard.chuah@...

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