Access not allowed. Error when launching app from button with App Studio

I’m following, as are many, @hmwillett’s guide to launch a form with App Studio.

I am launching a dynamic report print form, but am getting an access denied error:

I have access to all of the menu items associated with this application and was not aware of any security on the form itself? How am I being blocked? I can launch other forms, like part entry, with my button but not the dynamic report. I can launch this form from the menu without issues.

I should also mention I am a SaaS customer.

You’ll get that if this value is incorrect.

If you try and deploy that report on that menu, do you see the DLL available?

I got that info from kinetic menu maintenance:

Should I be using the classic instead? (Ice.UIRpt.DynamicCriteriaReport.dll)

No–Kinetic UI should be fine.

I’ll have to look into Dynamic Reports because I’ve honestly never used those before.

Few questions:

  1. What version are you on? You mentioned SaaS, so I assume the latest?
  2. Did you check out Dev Tools for any errors outside of the one you posted?
  3. You made sure to “Generate Kinetic Form”, right? I’m fairly certain you did otherwise you wouldn’t have that DLL available, but I figured I’d ask.

I am on 2022.2.3, I’m not sure how to check dev tools, and yes I did generate the kinetic form.

I don’t have that .dll available on my local machine, but it works when I put it in menu maintenance which I am confused about.

Check out this for help with Dev Tools: How To: Debugging Kinetic (Browser) - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (

That’s awesome, and here’s what I found:

I thought maybe the type error was something, but when I try to launch part entry with the same button it also passes an object but it works.

I think I got this figured out.
Instead of Ice.UIDDynRpt.SOPick_SMC change it to just SOPick_SMC

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Unfortunately that did not help, I tried SOPick_SMC and UIDDynRpt.SOPick_SMC for good measure.

For those that come after me and for the satisfaction of @hmwillett:

Epicor support figured this out for me. For cloud users at least, we need to use the name of the menu item instead of the form ID/application name. This actually should make things easier in a few ways.