How To: Debugging Kinetic (Browser)

This is going to go over some of the debugging and tracing techniques in the Kinetic browser.
Debugging in the browser utilizes Chrome’s (or any Chromium browser) developer tools. John Friend actually turned me on to using Edge with Kinetic; it’s much faster thus far.

To access the developer tools, press F12 in your browser. You’ll get something that looks like this:

To start the detailed debugging from Epicor, make sure you click on your Kinetic screen, then press CTRL+ALT+8. You should see this:

You’ll now see detailed information when you start performing actions on your screen. I clicked a “Resubmit” button. You can see that the OnClick event is calling a row-update action and setting UD34.ReqSeq_c to 1 and UD34.Approved_c to “Under Review”.

To view the dataviews that are active on your screen, press CTRL+ALT+V:

This will show you all of the system and application dataviews.
The ones in red are ones that have had changes made to them.
You can see the update made to the approved field in UD34.

CTRL+ALT+2 and CTRL+ALT+1 will log all of the rules. 2 will show it in a table and 1 will show it in a tree view.

CTRL+ALT+L will log all of the components on the screen and show you all of the properties associated with them (like an in-depth technical field help).

CTRL+ALT+H will pull up the list of shortcuts and you can modify those to your needs.

If you want to see each of the BOs/REST/EFxs being called, head over to the Network tab to see the traffic. I click on a button that makes a function call that returns a dataset. You can view the results here.

Hope this helps folks!