Active Home Page Error - Enable EOWP

Has anyone else seen this error? We upgraded our sandbox environment to 10.2.400.9. We have EDD setup and are attempting to use Active Home Page. On the default Manufacturing layout, every time I try to scroll down the page, my client crashes with this error:

EO.Base.ChildProcessOutOfMemoryException: One of the child processes used by EO components reported an out of memory error.If your system has sufficient memory, please consider setting EO.Base.Runtime.EnableEOWP to true.

The other layouts don’t seem to have this issue.

Hello -

Did you ever figure out what was causing active home error and how to correct? I experience the same issue but only on my computer. I ended up purchasing a new computer and still am the only user who when using active home page will crash whenever I try to change the company from one to another. In fact, if you click anywhere near the company name drop down box, epicor crashes and the silly message about EnableEOWP to true shows behind the crashed application.

I’ve logged two cases with Epicor. At first they told me to upgrade to 10.2.400 - so we did - did not solve the problem. I have not received a second solution, but saw your post and thought I would ask to see if you ever received any suggestions or better yet, a viable solution?

Please advise when you have a minute?

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Unfortunately we were never able to figure it out. We asked Epicor but they couldn’t figure it out either and sort of stopped responding to the ticket. In the end we just stopped using active home page. Not a solution but our users hate change anyway so we just didn’t bother to push active home page.

Hi Joe –

Thanks for the response! So frustrating…

They did send me a solution, but it did not work. Thought I would share it with you just in case it works for you. Here is something else I discovered. The issue is being caused by the config file being used as they suspected – but
I’m not sure why and neither are they. The proof of this idea is that I can log into the demo company and use active page without issue. Because of this, I took the demo company config file and copied it to my main company and changed the references to the
company name and location, etc. in my newly copied demo company config file. When I did that, right back to crashing again. Something in the config file is what is causing active page to crash as near as I can tell though, that I’m convinced of.

If I find a solution, I’ll let you know, or if they get back to me with a working solution, I’ll share that as well. Not to say what they proposed below won’t fix your issue – it may. Good luck!

Here is what they proposed:

Good day, I get an answer form developer team, you need add a line in one file on your workstation: * Make a right click on your epicor icon and
go to properties. * On the shortcut tab review on the target field which .sysconfig file , you are using * On that window make a click on the button “Open File Location” * Now open the folder “config” * Search the sysconfig file that you are using, and now
please select it and then press ctrl +C and then crtl+ V (this for made a backup for the file) * Now the oroginal sysconfig file open it and search the section and add this line After make the change, please
save the file and try access to Epicor *** Note: I will attach a screenshot for this If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to let me know. Regards

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Recently on 2022.1 and had a user report this same error but for them it happens when they move their Epicor Client window (with their customized Homepage) to another screen.
When they go to move the window the screen automatically sizes down so it can be moved and then they ‘dock’ the window so it would be full screen… the screen then ‘freezes’ for several seconds and then pops up this error and the Homepage is no longer responsive and they have to close out of Epicor and log back in. The annoying thing is they have to use the Epicor Main Menu window on their ‘left’ screen. I wonder if this shared memory setting might help being this is a more recent version, I will check and see.

@Rick_Bird did the shared memory setting resolve your issue? We are seeing this error/issue for a couple of users with Kinetic MES when they are logging out of a job.

I don’t know, I don’t think so. I checked with the user with the issue and I checked the config file and it did not have any setting for SharedMemory. But the user no longer has the issue and I haven’t found any documentation I made on what resolved the issue. :man_facepalming: