Add button to an updatable dashboard

I’m trying to add a button into an updatable dashboard in order to set the current date to the same column after clicking it, I read the below posts about a similar question but not sure how to trigger the click event (I tried to add the click event manually but it didn’t worked).

Used this example to add the button.

Any idea about what am I missing?


if you updating rows on this dashboard, then you can create UD field on the relevant table and use data BPM to stamp the current date on it, and user (if you want)

I would approach this differently. I would make a Calc_SyncDate Field thats a checkbox, then add a Custom Action on the Updatable BAQ with a BPM that loops through all the Calc_SyncDate = true and sets the date then unsets Calc_SyncDate back to false. That way you can support Mass Syncs.

On Dashboard you add the Custom Action and it becomes a button under Actions to be clicked.

hi darista,

try this

put this code under initialize custom code & Destroy the object same

maingrd.ClickCellButton += new Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.CellEventHandler(maingrd_ClickCellButton);

then add this function

private void maingrd_ClickCellButton(object sender, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.CellEventArgs args)

     if(maingrd.Rows.Count > 0 ) 
        UltraGridColumn column = maingrd.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].Columns[0];
          UltraGridRow row = maingrd.ActiveRow;
        string cell = row.Cells["UD102A_ShortChar03"].Value.ToString();
        MessageBox.Show("The Clicked Cell Value is: " + cell);


I’m reviewing this post to see if I can use it in my project. I’m trying to make a button on the Tracker section that will update or add the record. I don’t always want to change a field value but presently it won’t save a record without a change being made and hitting save. Any suggestions?