Trigger Updateable Embedded Dashboard Functions with a Button

Im creating an Updateable embedded dashboard in our Part Master form. Our business wants us to expose the Dashboard functions as Buttons. There would be one for Refresh, Add, and Delete. Is there a way to access these functions and tie them to an event? We are essentially using the dashboard as an Ultra Grid, but wanting to keep the functionality of the Dashboard and UBAQ. We are using Epicor 10.2.400. Im pretty new into Epicor, so im not sure if this is possible or not.

This should be possible, but would require some custom code. There are a lot of posts here outlining how you could achieve each of these. I would also take a good look at Epicor’s Customization and ICETools user guides too.

Do you have a link to one that might be helpful? I havent been able to find one so far.

Sure thing.

There’s some code in this post for refreshing a dashboard. Not 100% sure this would work with an embedded dashboard, but it’s a good place to start. You’ll just need to add a button in customization mode to your form, then add an on click event to that button using the event wizard, then copy the refresh code into the event. The DynamicQueryAdapter’s GetList method may be another way (according to a trace when I refresh a dashboard) if this doesn’t work.

Here’s a way to delete records in an updateable dashboard. It involves invoking BPM’s/custom code in your dashboard’s update method. There’s many different ways this could be done. I think the easiest is to call some BPM with code in your button event (probably one on an arbitrary UD table), pass the record’s info you want to delete, then use the BPM widgets to do the rest (less code). Rather than a checkbox like in the post, you could also look at whatever row is currently selected for a different user experience.

As for the new row, I wasn’t able to find a post that outlined that exactly. But after running a trace on clicking the “new” button on an updateable dashboard, you may be able to do it with a DynamicQueryAdapter and its GetNew method.

Definitely not going to be a straightforward solution/customization, but I think these buttons should be possible. Again, those user guides I mentioned previously will help fill in any blanks.