Add Customization on Menu Maintenance

I have noticed something odd with applying a customization in Epicor

I created a customization and when I go to menu maintenace and apply it to the menu item it does not show in the list. I was told by Epicor to go to Actions > Copy to Company but this does not seem correct. When this happens a second menu item appears (but the customization does show). When I close and reopen Epicor and try to access the menu item i get an error and then only opens in base mode. Anyone else notice this issue. i think it is it a bug.

I have seen this and spoke to Epicor about this. Its a bug. The way around this is to make sure all companies is ticked when saving the customization.


Yep - and there are a few forms which were broken for customs since their name changed.

First one that comes to mind is SelectSerialNumbersEntryForm

Definitely buggy; Shouldn’t have to do that since we are one company and the correct company is selected. But that worked. Thanks I like that better. I don’t think I like the it if you have multiple companies; if you have multiple companies you may not want them in the other companies.

It worked though…Thanks

I have just had to use this same solution on Part Maintenance form in 10.2.300 so still a problem.