Add Layer To Start Production

Anyone know how to specify a layer in Kinetic MES to get customization for Start Prod Activity to load? I see you can define a layer in the app-open properties but it is read only. I understand the base events are locked for a reason but any before or after triggers are of no use in this case

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Looks like this was “broke” in 2021.2 and worked in 2021.1 according to support. Has anyone come up with a workaround in 2021.2 for this?

Did a workaround by hiding the standard button and creating a new one and wired it up the same except pointed to a new click event that called the desired layer on open-app

We are looking into Bezlio for shop and service reporting of time and materials.
It is a browser app and has been on the market for several year.

Built by experts on Epicor, it plays well with E9, E10, and Kinetic.

It comes with standard screens that you can customize.
The speed is much faster than Epicor as it is loading forms, not data.

Screens are set up to be run naturally on mobile phones, small and large tablets.

I have put in a ticket also on MES, but have not heard any plans when it will be available. I have 20 tablets that we planned on using for data collection.
With Bezlio we will be able to use them.


Hi @tkoch, I wonder did you change the Binding from the button? because I can create another button or just change the binding to change the base event. But when I do that I can’t replicate the Rules. It is always an error, I want to update the End Activity Button.

I didn’t change anything with the base button, just hid it and created my own to replace it

@tkoch, Oh I see but correct me if I’m wrong when you do that. the button rule, For example, End Activity is disabled when there is no Job Active this will not apply in your new button right? or you create a new rule for your own button?

Create a new rule for your new button

Hi @tkoch, I will get this error when tried to copy the existing rule

I think it’s from the $rowcount. How did you create the rule?

Set the epibinding of your new button to what the standard button is set to

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Hi @tkoch, oh I see, now it’s working. Thanks

I did the same thing by setting up a new button and the open app allows me to open the Production Activity screen. But how did you customize this layer? I don’t see any option here to get into Application Studio for the slide out!

You need to search for it in App Studio to make changes


Ahaa!! Got it. Thanks!!